First Responder
First Responder - Extended

First Responder with
   SCBA Protection

Law Enforcement
Military Survival
   (end user certification

Non-Military Survival
   (end user certification
   not required)

Workplace Self-Rescue
Home Safety



Air Purifying Device

Filter options:
   • NBC filter to NATO standard
   • NBC filter to US army C2A1 standard;
     (Chromium-free Carbon)
   • First Responder Canister to NIOSH (industrial
     gases, particles, tear gases) and US army
     CBRN standard (pending)

NBC Filter to NATO Standard

The NBC filter protects against all known chemical and biological warfare agents, as well as for radioactive solid and liquid particles.

   Radioactive solid and liquid particles
   Bacteria and Virus
   Organic gases like Sarin, VX, Mustard gas, and Tabun
   Inorganic gases like Cyanide, Phosgene
The NBC filter is made of high mechanical strength polymer, and the weight is 280 grams.

The NBC filter is vacuum packed in aluminum foil, which gives it a shelf life of 10 years in sealed package.

C2A1 Filter buit according to US Army Standard MIL-PRF-51560A(EA)



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